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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 31, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. thousands of people are still trapped by floodwaters in that disaster. while people are still suffering, there is something people can do to help. i am fliest south bay and i will tell you what is being organized today. >> well, it is not like anything is going on today, but what about that rain? will it washout trick or treaters? it is all coming up on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, it is wednesday the last day of
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october october 31st. >> we have halloween and are they going to rain on our parade? >> only on yours, pam. >> oh? >> not, just kidding. i think the drizzle is over by then and some of that rain is getting close and we will fine and to that and we will be in the 60s for most. westbound 20 is off to a good start on the other side of the tunnel it is looking good as steve mentioned so just make sure you slow it down if you can and this morning's commute is off to a good start in northbound 280, for 1:00 let's go back -- 5:01 let's go back to the desk. they will hold a victory celebration for the san
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francisco giants and claudine wong has more on that. >> reporter: the floats came down on to this area we are standing and this is market and mission and you can see a home run. we will walk you down spier street and this is pier 54 where we have been working on these and we had been told we were working on these. if you are superstitious nobody wants to mention those parades but again, this is a staging area and this is where all the floats want to be coming down. i think they are about a dozen floats and these will be making their way down market street. these will be very busy as
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floats come down here and we went down there just a couple of hours ago, you had multiple hours keeping people from that area in and around there. we know fans were there last night and we talked about them being there early and they say look, it is never too early. >> i feel so ahead of the game. >> you see people being here early? >> no. >> did you think when your alarm went off too early did you think, oh, maybe this is too early? >> no, because i knew it was going to be the right time. when we all did this, players will be in convertibles instead of cable cars and it is all the way down and then we head up on
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mcalester. about a million people are expected to come down here whip starts at 11:00 this morning and there will be 30 players and everybody is getting to their their favorite players and this is where everything will be stages and we'll bring all to you, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. we just want to give you a few more details, it does start at 11:00 this morning. there is the map, it will go up market street, turn on mcalastair and wind up on the civic plaza. >> they have extra trains and buses running and good advice for you, buy round trip tickets which will save you extra time. if you do plan to drive, remember, market and mission
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streets will be closed from the embark bark until third street and until 5:00 this evening. if you can't watch it in person, you can watch it right here on ktvu and you can also watch it live on our mobile apps. police will certainly be everywhere today for the big parade to prevent a repeat of last sunday's public rowdiness. they made an arrest already and this chronicle photo went viral. you can see the man in that giant's photo smashed into a windshield of a bus. now only on 2, the viewers sent us this cell phone into the video of the incident and now tips led to the arrest and he has now been booked on felony
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vandalism charges. he has destroyed a passenger vehicle. now a devastating storm out east, there is a huge mess in new jersey both washed up on the roads and washed off their foundation. new jersey national guard is helping people. they are reporting damage every rail line and the damage will be in the billions. flights are resuming in the new york new jersey areas. trucks are pumping there and la guard why is not quite ready yet -- la guardia is not quite open but jfk just opened. no flights will come in from those airports. now this is what is left
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after the raging fire that we were showing you all morning long yesterday. we are continuing coverage on the entire blocks of homes and businesses and they were just destroyed in terms of the rockaway peninsular into tuesday morning and up to 100 homes burned to the grounds as they fanned the flames. today president barack obama will see the storm damage in new jersey firsthand while mitt romney gets back on the campaign trail. coming up, 5:15 how sandy is affecting the resident -- presidential race and one of the major supporters is praising obama. and members of the red cross are really helping storm victims, and they need blood donations. jeanine della vega is live at a
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blood donation center, how can they help jeanine? well, they are actually help ago live taser because of a desperate need on the east coast. they are cause thing cancellations because of three red cross areas and the agency expects more as the storm moves west. so far those cancellations have resulted in a shortfall of more than 9,000 blood and plate late donations. besides trying to recruit people locally they have sent seven people to the bay area and they are sending them as part of the relief effort. they have provided food for victims. there are red cross workers on standby here and they are encouraging people to donate blood and all types are needed especially o positive, a negative and b-negative. the doors are open here at the
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silicone valley drive and the blood drive goes on, jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> you can get more information on what you can do to help out. right now it is 5:08 and we want to talk to sal about traffic this morning. it is definitely going to be busy getting in and out today. >> we just got a text from bart about san francisco and we want to get out on the trains early and if you are just a regular computer we will be dealing with extra trains and we want to plan. when you do get to the toll
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plaza, it is not particularly crowded and if you do get to san francisco t- should not be too much of a problem but traffic still looks good driving into the downtown area. here is more with steve. combination low clouds and higher clouds coming in as the system inches closer. i think the drizzle will be done by then and it is already coast and bay and east livermore, we have had some drizzle out here too. but the rain is holding off. the system is up here too and it is good but run inginto a little bit of resistance because finally what was hurricane sandy, they are just crawling along. so this is a huge bolder in the atmosphere of the stream and it is beginning to move. you can see the last knew frames and it is starting to move a little bit, again it is
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not very fast which is why i am delaying the precipitation. a lot of moisture is a lining and i think it is weakening considerably. we are still waiting for it to show up on the north coast and we are still hours away. evening rain especially to the north bay. it will slide south and it will take it's time, and i know it is a big day for the storm troopers and princesses and that's just me. cloudy rain, and it looks nice for weekend and morning fog. >> your time now, new claims this morning of a coverup in several former administrators and the reason two former students are seeking millions
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in damages. >> plus the death of an inmate is being investigated, what deputies say happened just two hours before he was found dead. 287, off to a decent start, we will be right back with you.
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. we don't know his name yet, deputies say he was brought there from panola. deputies are searching for a 19- year-old who escaped. eye zack suffers -- he suffers from not taking his medication. he was last seen wearing a black shirt and black pants. president barack obama is touring the storm devastation in new jersey with one -- new jersey with one of mitt romney's biggest supporters. >> reporter: governor chris
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christie is giving big praise to president barack obama's handling of the crisis much to the chagrin of his fellow republicans. the hurricane wiped out areas and left thousand without power. the president is bringing a sure runs he has order -- assurances... >> there is no excuse for inaction at this point... >> he is not trying capitalize on the crisis... >> mitt romney turned one of his campaign events into a donation event for storm victims and he now has a bigger challenge trying to show leadership of his own. >> i had a chance to speak with some of the governors in the affected areas and they have talked about a lost people having a lot of hard times. >> now one of the tracking poles is suspended and it is
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resuming and there are some questions about the state of the race. reporting live on my neck up date ktvu channel 2 morning news. two former students are seeking millions in dangers over a sexual abuse scandal. two women have filed claim against the schools and three former administrators. they were molest by a science teacher daniel wetters. they said they failed to act despite the fact that other students also said they were abused. they filed a formal lawsuit. and now another case of suspected sexual abuse by a teacher, the former principal was required as a mandated reporter to contact police after a child reported
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questionable behavior by a teacher, kraig chandler. three months later, he was arrested after another person said he had molested them. she could spend up to six months in jail. and it puts them in the fair category, however a bond measure approved wife voters last november is now provideingit $60 million a year to improve streets. and that could help boost the level to the greater good within the next ten years. >> 518, let's check back in with sal for the commute this morning, sal? >> we already have bart trains and people are lined up and yes, people will get there early so let's be aware of that if you are trying to get into the city.
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interstate 808 in oakland looks good here driving passed the coliseum, no major problems and it looks good all the way from livermore into the area of oakland and beyond that. this is a look at the east shore freeway and that traffic is moving along nicely. it still looks good getting into the city, let's go to steve. there is already some drizzle and let's carry that into the 11:00 hour. the rain holds off and cloudy skies, mild, our system looks good because it is good. it is just moving very slowly and slows down the onset of the rain. i think it is about an inch and a half by thursday morning and southeast, that is a very mild pattern which is why the lows
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are so mild. the rain is still a ways away and we are waiting for it to move into the north coast. ukiah tells us we are still hours away. we'll see increasing clouds and we should see a break into that cloud depth. some low 70s out to the east and to the south and to the north, it will be cloudy and getting close. by this evening, it will be getting into the north bay and then we clear it out and it looks good but morning fog will be the only fly in the isn'tment. they are making final preparations and workers have been running all the trader systems and they are hoping to
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ring the opening bell and for concerns, it was the first time they kept the exchange from opening two days in a row. >> now i want to check in on the numbers, here is where we start, futures do indicate a good opening this morning and it will be business as usual. we will bring you that opening bell live. opening day, japan's nike was up 1% when several large companies did not cut their guidance. china, korea, hong kong, they all posted gains and unemployment in the zone hit a record high, 11.6% in september. 5:21 controversial decorations near a uc
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fraternity, why this someone upset being some students. and they are claiming they spent money at a strip club, stay tuned for more. the moist powder removes tt
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. went there is a new growing development at the port of oakland. they first raised questions about scandals including
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charging the public at uh- huhston strip c they claim they were entertaining clients but they say port officials lied. they say their travel records show no hyundai employees were even in houston at the time. they say the situation reflects poorly on leadership at the port. >> there is no governor and no accountability and transparency. >> they are following our initial report and officials say they are conducting an investigation of their own. >> a usc berkeley fraternity is now apologizing after their halloween decorations caused some people upset.
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they took down the zombie after complaints. they say it was for a house charity event and they called it unintentional. the san francisco board of supervisors are trying to reduce noise levels. they ban to prevent more noise on some areas. and some say the area is just too noisy because of the many bars in the area. >> how are the roads looking, sal? >> hub and transit. >> you took the words right out of my mouth. if you do want to drive, a lot of people will be driving but right now it is a good time to go to the toll plaza and people are keeping an eye on 101 but it still looks good and we
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don't recommend you driving any where near that parade root. steve, i saw that tweet. >> what treat? >> the meant a looking. >> well, they are getting a south wind in advance of this and will it be rain being for trick or treaters? well, i will answer that, 60s and 70s, dave? >> big changes are coming, we will tell you the results of a late night vote from last night and what it will mean for residents of the marina. bart goers are already boarding the trains in order to make it on time for the big parade and we will tell you what problems they had last year and how they hope to fix it this time around.
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they are hoping to get things back to normal after that super storm named sandy.
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. well, good morning it is wednesday october 31st, i am dave clark. i have a snow princess and
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purple crayon awaiting your forecast. >> haven't buyers and ghosts waiting for your information. >> i don't think we will dampen the spirits here and out inland out to livermore you might encounter it and they are waiting on this rain and i still think this system comes in later than sooner and we will have a fine tuning coming up, here is sal. steve, getting into the city will be a big zeal and they are coming from very far some of them. highway eastbound 24, there an overturned vehicle at the contra costa tunnel -- caldecott tunnel and it is a flipped over pickup truck and fortunately nobody is injured but it could cause some delays. also on westbound 92 there could be some delays by the
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high-rise. streets are blocking off this morning's city hall because of the big giant parade and we are all over it. despite the ground being wet, it is chilly and diehard fans are staking out the best spots and this is the staging area, market and mission streets. now the parade will end up at san francisco city hall and that's where the main stage is set up and it is filled with championship ban first and millions are expected to be there as it starts at 11:00 this morning. here is the parade route, it starts at the ferry building and will go up market streets, turn on mcalester and turn on pacific plaza. if you are planning to go, more
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than a half million people took bart and this year there may be a new bunch of people going to the parade. >> reporter: giants fans are boarding and we have seen a steady stream of them. a lot of them are dreary eyed and we had to see a lot of them get up in time for the parade. hope flip if you plan on taking bart you have already purchases your -- purchased your ticket and people were waiting extremely long as officials broke down because they were so filled with money. this year they have emptied the machines. we caught up with a father who said he didn't mind his child missing school for some
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history. >> reporter: you didn't mind him missing school for this? >> it is a once in a lifetime thing. we are excited. >> reporter: bart trains will be running this morning. the golden gate bridge transit has extended their service. if you have to rely on transit take an earlier bus or train and if you plan on parking get there earlier. this one does not seem to be too bad just yet but you can make it out with the orange table clots and they are -- cloths and if you didn't have time to purchase your ticket you will have at least another option, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the wireless crowds are gearing up. at&t and verizon are adding
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wireless towers along the area and they are hoping to prevent a repeat when people could not actually make calls because of network congestion. george says they will come down against anyone rulely behavior. >> you come to san francisco and if you assault our police officers or deputy sheriff's or break our property or if you live in this city and do any of this -- any of this stuff you will face consequences. >> nine suspects are expected to be arraigned this afternoon. as we told you at the top of the news cast, they have been arrested on charges and they are vowing to make sure there are no problems resulting from today's parade.
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if you cannot be there or want to stay away from the crowds our coverage starts streaming on ktvu channel 2 morning news. you can also watch it live on our mobile apps. this is a story we first told you about. this is a long the hard hit areas in new jersey and responders believe natural gasoline are fueling these flames from houses, house us that burnedp down two days ago. this is a wealthy area, one of the wealth quest in the state of nudge and firefighters cannot get to it because the roads are not passible. this road is under a mandatory
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evacuation -- mandatory evacuations and we will keep you posted on what is happening. at least five people are dead as a result of super storm sandy and a half of them were in new york. now across the hudson river in new jersey, they are now using military trucks moving tens of thousands out. the storm affected hoboken new jersey and they are trying to restore power to over 17 states. we will bring you a live report from new jersey and get you the latest on what is happening coming up at 542 testimony. the. >> if you would like to help the people, the red cross tells us there is an urgent need for blood. general need tells you us it is one of several places they
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would need it. >> reporter: according to the hurricane, the need is greater and we will be holding a blood drive in san jose. they are calling for donations for three red cross blood drives in three locations. so far those cans lakes have caused a shortage of more than 9,000 blood and platelet donations across 14 states. the red cross has hint them as part of the relief effort. they delivered food and snacks to the people -- and supplies to the people dealing with the. >> affects of the storms. >> you can text the word red cross to 90999 and that
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delivers a $10 donation. if you would like to deliver blood, you can call to schedule a donation. now all blood types are needed especially o negative and b negative. it had open at 11:30 a.m. and will go on all day until 6:30 p.m. jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> you can get the latest any time on how you can help. new this morning, city planners in red wood city gave the green light to make up pete's harbor but that means displacing millions. the planning commission approved a development project which includes 400 apartment units in pete's harbor. they have been paying less than
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$700 a month to live on their boats and now they have to find new homes. >> you can't beat the rent. we did this for a few months and it has been seven years. >> they knew the property was for sale. construction is now expected to begin next year. residents will have to move by the end of the year but no timetable has been set. >> sal, we just got your tweet, your high school band will be there. >> were you in the band sal? >> yes, i was. i played sports, i did a lot of things in reardon high school. >> i can believe that. >> let's take a look at commute. >> i was also on the newspaper. too much information. let's go to live pictures.
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we are going interstate 880 in oakland and you will see some slow traffic as you drive closer to downtown but here near the coliseum, if you are driving to catch a flight, it should be a nice drive for you. still nothing major and most people going into the city will be taking bart and a lot of the regular commuters will be surprised to see all of these people getting into the city all wearing giants gear. this is a look at the caldecott tunnel, no injuries but the truck is there, not causing a huge backup not affecting the westbound commute. >> you better get that fast. >> i think the drizzle ends and it is cloudy to mostly cloudy. >> where is the rain.
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>> it is mostly north. it's very close and this system is moving slowly and there is a whopper of a system which is slowly starting to move. i am trying not to confuse you and rain fall graphics can be confusing. by this afternoon, i think it is too fast. i really do and by tonight t- starts to move in. that i will buy into tonight and tomorrow. some of these totals can be impressive especially up north and in mendocino and lake county, look at the size, this system kicks out and can't move 50s and 60s on the temperatures and that's why it is so mild, it is a good looking system and we will get rain tonight into tomorrow morning and then we will get it out of here. morning drizzle, evening rain, highs on the mild side and they are mainly stuck on the mild
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side or very low 70s. tonight if you are into the north bay, the earlier you go the better. points north will have to deal with that system getting very close with some rain, we will have rain into thursday morning and it looks good friday saturday and sunday. thanks, steve, continuing our coverage of hurricane sandy, more than 8.2 million homes have lost power as a result of the storm. joining us now from new jersey with a look at the extensive damage and the recovery efforts which are underway, here is more. >> reporter: good morning, pam, people are just beginning to assess the level of damage. when the sun came up, one of the residents walked down the mud filled debris streets here and they are having trouble wrapping their brain around the extent of the damage.
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they have ridden out storms but they say when the surge came through, it was downright scary and this tells the story of what happened. there is a staircase which is twisted and somehow there is a bar of soap still standing there. it is really the only thing which is where it is supposed to be and the next house was completely watched off of its foundation it is a gaping hole, they are bobbing in the sea and it looks like tooth picks. this is not a vacation community and these are people's year round homes and there have been devastating
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losses here. pam? >> jennifer davis along the coast of new jersey and most of the people heeded the warnings and evacuated that area and we will stay on throughout. state plan to keep registered sex offenders away from kids today. and a standoff which lasted more than six hours finally came to an end. if you are driving along san jose, it looks good passing highway 17 and we will tell you more about getting into san francisco and that's coming up. stay tuned. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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. all right, steve, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, we have about a million people expected for the giants parade and here is some video we just got in, the current stars as well as hall of famer, willie maze, they will all be out there despite the cold conditions overnight, would you believe they are already out there staking prime spots along that route. helicopter crews rescued five adults and a child trapped inside their flooded homes in staten island new york. sandy has left thousands stranded by floodwaters, and million still have no
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electricity this morning. and over on the east coast, they are helping the relief efforts, they need blood donations and you can give blood today and tomorrow at the san jose area on north street in san jose. and the robbery suspect who was held up in an apartment for more than 6 hours has been arrested. the standoff began in an apartment building near saratoga avenue. the men are suspected of robbing a bank earlier in the day in san jose. they will keep california kids safe on this day. it is called operation boo and it is an effort to keep registered sex offenders away from trick or treaters. they will address a 5:00 p.m. did your few inside their homes. they are not allowed to give
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out candy. in san jose, trick or treaters can collect a bracelet saying be safe, be seen. they will hand it out and according to the centers of disease control and prevention, fatal accidents are four times more likely on halloween than any other night. so watch out. pam now turning 5:50 let's go to sal, people are pouring in for the parade and how is the toll plaza? >> i don't think a lot of people are driving. you heard tara say it was loaded up with giants fans and that's the way to go, there is not going to be any parking for those giants fans.
5:51 am
this is a look and there is not a big backup yet. it begins 515 when they those those metering lights on. there was an overturned truck there, it is a little bit slow but as steve mentioned very astutely, they have to get that thing out of the way quickly. there is only one tunnel opened in that direction. let's move along to this video, scary moments for a trucker in marin. he told them he went off the road and veered into a fence and the big-rig and tow truck blocked the right hand shoulders for several hours while the truck was secured and halled off eventually. all in all it was a big
5:52 am
dramatic accident. it is not even cent city we have a -- 0 even 50s and 60s. but it is running into a creepy crawlly because of a system downstream. sandy has to get out of the picture before our system can move inland. i don't want to be too technical but wife to get this guy out and it is finally moving but really slowly and that allows our system to move really slowly. >> the rain wears it but it is getting close and we kids get
5:53 am
some drizzle and that could give way to increasing clouds and the rain slows down and some rain to the north is possible and cloudy skies as well. it looks good sunny and warmer for night fog. the dreams of star wars movie fans may be coming true. so the new drawing books wants to make sure the force is with you. plus a shark attack off the california coast, but the reason this one is different from the one from last week.
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. a 25-year-old surfer attacked off of the coast of this area, you can see, take a look. this is what is left of that surf board. the injured surfer made it back despite injury. just last week a surfer was
5:57 am
killed in santa barbara county. george lucas signed a 4 billion-dollar deal to become part of the disney family. they will stay at their current locations even though they are not included in the sale. the sale will allow him to retire while knowing his company will have a good home. and there are at least three more star wars movies by 2014. revenge of the 5th came out in 2005. kathleen kennedy has been named executive producer and george lucas has not been directly involved but has agreed to be a creative consultant. let's go to sal for traffic. traffic is going to be busy
5:58 am
as you approach 880 and also driving down the sunole grade, we will take a look at toll plaza, let's go back to you. coming up on the 6:00 hour, millions are still in miss remember are you, -- misery, having the latest on widespread damage and the biggest where live coverage begins at 10:30. >> good morning, what about rain, we will have a forecast for the parade and also for the trick or treaters, coming right up.
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